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Bob Preller was born in Krugersdorp in SOUTH AFRICA IN 1947 and together with his parents trans located to the Northern Transvaal in 1954, now known as Limpopo Province.

After his studies, he spent most of his life in the financial world, but was always directly or indirectly involved in wildlife conservation. He traveled extensively in and through the Bushveld regions of South Africa, during which time he developed a love for the wild animals and birds of his country, but more particularly a passion for the Gentle Giants of South Africa, the African Elephant.

He has been a Honoury game ranger for many years in various regions. Since his first encounters with Elephant, as a young boy, his fascination grew into a lifelong obsession to understand and fathom the SPIRIT and BEHAVIOUR of these highly intelligent animals. He and his wife Annette lived amongst the Elephant for four years in the Bushveld, after which they lived near the Tsitsikama forests in the Southern Cape, during which time he had close interaction with Elephant night and day, often spending endless hours in their presence.

His dreams and ambitions to further explore the forests of Central Africa where the FOREST ELEPHANT (Loxidonta cyclotis) occur, will hopefully be realized, and allow him to share this information with others who are passionate about the ELEPHANTOM species.

Bob and his wife Annette presently live in Pretoria, and together they enjoy the wonders of nature.

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